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fic list

i have decided to make a fic list (i doubt anyone is interested) of the one-shots i have written so far. the main purpose of this is that it helps me to keep track of the things i wrote

f i c l i s t

cr : guirotic


→ most of the stories are concentrated on Yunho| Jaejoong (occasionally Yoochun|Changmin)

→ none of the fics listed here are locked (EXCEPT for Beautiful Bastard)

→ most of the one shots are unlocked and will feature in this list

→ i may write yuri (girl x girl) sometimes.

→ please do not distribute my works elsewhere


homealone | yunho| jaejoong / AU-fluff, romance
Jaejoong reminisces of times spend together

trembling hearts | yunho| jaejoong / AU-fluff, romance
Because love see’s no boundaries, questions no rules, objects to no conditions, it just wants to love, pure undiluted, radiating strongly for years to come

tough love yunho| jaejoong / AU-fluff, romance
Their relationship was always the odd one. they fought and fought and fought some more and yet Yunho still found himself falling in love with Jaejoong

love me tender yunho| jaejoong / AU-fluff, romance
Secret admirers are common but for Kim Jaejoong, his secret admirer is definetly not common at all

gender bender yunho| jaejoong / AU-fluff, romance
Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong thought they were straight..that is, before they met each other and something started happening to them

shiawase yunho| jaejoong / AU- romance, drama
the people who provide joy to others need to be provided happiness the most

first impressions yunho| jaejoong / AU-fluff, romance
they say first impression is the last impression, that almost became a truth for Jung Yunho regarding Kim Jaejoong..but it wasn't.. eventually

pitter patter changmin|yoochun/ AU-fluff, romance, smut
Changmin has a new roommate who sends his hormones into a frenzy

enamoured yunho|jaejoong/AU-romance, drabble
they both are enamoured by each other

bladder issues yunho|jaejoong/AU-romance, crack, fluff
nothing could come in kim jaejoong's way as he got the chance to finally see his favorite artist live in concert, absolutely nothing could come in his way, except for the need to pee

of shoelaces and cookies
little jaejoong moves to a new town only to come across his savior whom he did like to friend, unfortunately, things don't seem to easy

the interview
from first meeting to bad habits. Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho say it all

me you and us
it all starts when jaejoong accepts yunho's coat on a cold winter day.....

elusive little thing
Kim Jaejoong has lost his heart, no, really he literally has lost it and he is searching around to find who exactly took it

yunho|jaejoong/AU-romance, drabble R
too much clothes can be a problem

attraction yunho|jaejoong/AU-romance, drabble
you should always claim what you want

yunho|jaejoong/AU-romance, drabble
Yunho is surprised by Jaejoong's boldness

not lesbian
yunho|jaejoong/AU-fluff, crack, humour
Tricked by Yoochun and Changmin both Yunho and Jaejoong are forced to wear girl clothes and participate in a feminine photoshoot. But there's one thing. Both don't know the other is a male

yunho|jaejoong / AU: romance
he had always been so carefree, so spontaneous.....till he met Yunho..and everything changed

of jerks and divas
yunho|jaejoong / AU: romance
in which Yunho writes a letter and Jaejoong is in denial

two am
yunho|jaejoong / AU: romance
it's two am in the morning when Yunho receives a call from his spouse

yunho|jaejoong / AU: romance
Where Jung Yunho finds himself falling for an older man

Of Broken Nails and Sore Butts
yunho|jaejoong / AU: romance
In which Jaejoong writes and Yunho's in pain
this is a sequel to: of jerks and divas

Push and Pull
yunho|jaejoong / AU: romance/NC-17
jaejoong is too shy to express his needs to his husband, and thinks he'll upset the other. what he doesn't know is, yunho has needs of his own

Coffee Rush
yunho|jaejoong / AU/G

It's not easy being Kim Jaejoong's Secretary. But Jung Yunho has his ways


Phoenixes are reborn from their ashes. But for Jaejoong this may turn out to be his last rebirth

yunho|jaejoong / AU: romance/NC-17
Jaejoong realises even the most patient man has it's limits (sequel to : Push and Pull )

yunho|jaejoong / AU: romance/NC-17
Jaejoong decides it's time to try something new (sequel to: Push and Pull and Oblivious


note : chaptered stories from now on will be posted at hushednights

beautiful bastard (completed)
yunho|jaejoong/AU-romance,action, drama, fluff
inspired by the movie : my wife is a gangster
All hell breaks loose for Kim Jaejoong, the elusive mafia boss when his grandmother requests him to fulfill her dying wish: seeing him getting married

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

you Jessica|Tiffany pg-13/AU-romance,
tiffany breaks the walls around jessica, stealing her heart

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